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Sunday School Activities

Activity Booklets

A PDF file containing several printable activity sheets on a Bible topic, suitable for varying ages, from approx 4 - 12 years old.






Creation Worksheet Booklet

A series of worksheets on creation. Includes colouring, maze, word play, word search, crossword, anagrams and story review.

Noah and the Ark Worksheet Booklet

A series of worksheets on the story of Noah. Includes colouring, maze, dot to dot, fill-in, maths, word play, word search, crossword, anagrams and story review.

Easter Worksheet Booklet

A number of worksheets covering the Easter story, with coloring, mazes, anagrams, word searches, crosswords and more on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus Worksheet Booklet

A number of worksheets covering the the life of Jesus and the people he met, with coloring, picture games, word search, cryptograms, word play puzzles and crosswords.

Bible Mazes

Journey through the Bible stories with these 40 Bible mazes in a printable PDF booklet. Print individual mazes, double sided or use your printer booklet setting to create an a-maze-ing workbook!

Activity Worksheets

Single activity worksheets for printing out for various age ranges.

Moses in the Wilderness

Help Moses journey through the wilderness maze to Mount Sinai so he can receive the Ten Commandments from God. Once you've reached the mountains, color in the pictures!

Creation Activity Worksheet

Crossword and wordsearch with answer page.

Ananias & Sapphira Word Puzzle

Fill in the blanks to reinforce the story of Ananias & Sapphira.

Bible Sudoku Puzzle

An activity for older children. Use the clues to fill extra numbers into the grid and then solve the sudoku.

Young Jesus in the Temple

Crossword based on the story of Jesus being left behind in Jerusalem as a young boy.

Easter Word Search Puzzle

Find all the hidden words in this cross shaped word search puzzle.

Missing Letters - Men & Women

Fill in the missing letters to reveal the men and women of the Bible.

Christmas Wordsearch

Find the missing words in this Birth of Jesus activity sheet.

Christmas Spot the Difference

Find all the differences in the two nativity scene pictures.

Moses & The Burning Bush Crossword

Crossword with clues about the time when Moses saw the bush on fire and spoke to God.

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Zacchaeus Worksheet

Crossword puzzle on Zacchaeus, when he met Jesus

Moses & The Burning Bush Word Search

Find the words from the story in Exodus 3 when God spoke to Moses

The Last Supper

Fill-in puzzle worksheet on the occasion when Jesus shared the bread and wine.

Daniel & the Lion's Den

Help Daniel escape from the Lion's Den in this printable maze

Zacchaeus Maze

Zacchaeus needs to climb down the tree to meet Jesus, can you help him?

Garden of Eden Maze

Adam & Eve must leave the Garden of Eden, help them find their way out.

Crucifixion Maze

Help Jesus carry his cross to Golgotha

Samson Dot-to-dot

Connect the dots together to finish this picture.

Balaam's Donkey

Find the words in this story from Numbers 22.

The Battle of Jericho

Word Search puzzle based on Joshua 6, the conquering of Jericho.

Christmas Birth of Jesus Word Search
Kings Crossword

Answer these clues about the kings in the Bible.

Christmas Word Search

Word search about the Birth of Jesus

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