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Sunday School Crafts - Jonah & the Big Fish



Download Craft Worksheet

You will need:

Thin card (or print directly on card)
Blu-tack / Poster putty
1 split pin
Colouring pens or pencils


Colour in Jonah and the big fish.
Cut out the big fish.
Cut out the circle in the centre of the fish.
Cut out Jonah (discard the remainder of the circle).
Make a hole in the big fish where the cross is, using scissors and leaning on the blu-tack/poster putty (for safety).
Put a split pin in the hole.
Thread some cotton on to the needle.
Where the small dot on Jonah’s head is, use the needle to thread the cotton through at this point (lean on blu-tack/poster putty).
Form a loop with cotton and tie it in a knot, ensuring the length will suspend Jonah in the middle of the fish’s tummy.


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